Cajun Seasoning – Bulk Bag

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All Natural, Healthy Cajun Seasoning with Health Benefits

• No MSG
• Non-Irradiated
• No Black Pepper
• No Sugar
• No Preservatives
• No Silicon Dioxide
• Naturally Gluten free – Processed in a facility that may contain gluten.

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Purely Cajun is a customized blend that was birthed out of the desire for a Healthy Cajun Seasoning that would offer health benefits while maintaining an authentic Cajun flavor. This seasoning blend offers Real Salt ™ where nothing is added or taken away. Real Salt ™ is a natural sea salt containing more than 60 trace minerals with reports of health benefits from around the world. It is mined from an ancient sea bed which eliminates any environmental toxins of today. Turmeric is another ingredient which is included in this blend and is reported to decrease swelling (inflammation) and offer several other health benefits. Purely Cajun can be added to any dish whether it is Cajun, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Mexican or American Cuisine.

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Bulk Bag


Original, Spicy, No Salt

7 reviews for Cajun Seasoning – Bulk Bag

  1. Joel Hamlett (verified owner)

    Hello Julie,
    You may not remember me but you and I had GI procedures done on the same day. Your friend told us about your product in the waiting area. Immediately after my procedure my wife and I went to Drug Emporium to purchase your seasoning. It is absolutely delicious, we use it on everything burgers to fish. Today I am ordering a bulk bag. I am so glad to have finally found a seasoning that not only test incredible but also has health benefits…Thanks!!!!!

    • Julie Esta (verified owner)

      Hi Joel! I do remember you!!! So happy to hear from you and that you are enjoying it as much as us! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Bri Blakney (verified owner)

    I love using this seasoning – especially on protein! It amazes me that I can use a little olive oil and Purely Cajun Seasoning on my chicken and cook it in the oven and it tastes amazing!! It helps with meal prep so much! Such a great flavor, and I love knowing that it is good for us. I can’t wait to try the spicy!

    • Julie Esta (verified owner)

      Thank you Bri for the awesome review! We are so happy that you are enjoying it!

  3. Elaine Bowers

    We Love it. I am not sure how, but it is somehow different from all the rest. For many, we think it is only the labels that change, and what is inside remains the same. We sent some to our son in Houston, via. ziplock bag, and he LOVED it and asked that we get him some to take back with him, when he visits. So, thank you for such a wonderful product. I plan buying several as Christmas gifts.

    • Julie Esta (verified owner)

      Thank you Elaine for your review! We appreciate you sharing the love with others too!! Thank you!!

  4. DatCajun

    Verified Cajun Goodness!!

    • Julie Esta (verified owner)

      Thank you!!

  5. Nannette Reagor

    Rebecca at the Road Less Traveled told me about this “good for you” Purely Cajun seasoning mix. I tried the spicy and EVERYTHING I make taste great with it, I can really tell the difference.

    I do not ever use a ‘season all’ mix in my cooking because they all taste the same. This one is not like any other seasoning you have ever tasted – it is GREAT and I do use it in everything now. Of course some dishes you have to use add certain herbs, lime, parsley, cilantro etc…

    I tried this because of hearing all the good qualities it had for us, but now loving it; I would still use it even if it was bad for me. Sorry… it is THAT good!

    I have since bought the bulk bag and have given these as gifts to friends in Houston. I almost hate telling people my secret. Even a plain salad is great with just this added.

    • Julie Esta (verified owner)

      Ha!! Keep sharing your secret Nannette! Thank you so much for your review & sharing the love with others! We appreciate you!

  6. Lorna Castille

    Really love the stuff, especially the no salt. Just bought the spicy. Just a thought coud this also be made with not salt. All in all very good

    • Julie Esta

      That is a great idea! Maybe one day!

  7. Elaine Bowers

    LOVE IT. It is the best I have ever had and makes everything taste Great. It doesn’t take much to go along way. Start with a little, you can always add more as you need. Blend with a little olive or coconut oil and it is perfection. Nothing tastes the same after using Purely Cajun. I have all 3 in my cabinet. No reason not to use it. I now get the bulk bag and refill my containers. YES, it’s that good. It should come with a Guarantee.

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